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Our Services

If you need some space free of furniture, you are remodeling, restoring or you simply are moving to new place. Maybe you don't want to drive u-trucks or stop at Storage warehouse. We might be the smart (Contactless) option for you.

Lebox Containers are for Residential, Business or Government agencies. 

Moving House
Bar Stools

Local Home Moving/
Home improvement/

If you live or going to in the North Houston metro area, we might be able to help you. Contact us and let know you´re where abouts.

You can move in fewer trips!

Business Services

If you need to remodel your restaurant or move temporarily from a retail space.

For Corporate relocations, we could bring containers to your parking lot.

Warehouse outdoor
Carpenters at Work

Temporary Storage Service

Use your lock & only you have access to the interior of your container. We might have some space available from time to time. 

Restoration Companies

We work on Disaster restorations and Emergency /Contingency plans.

Specially with local restoration companies to temporary stored furniture, materials, tools, etc. So they could have their own warehouse space on-site.


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