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Please see the following Frequent Ask Questions and if you still have one, don´t hesitate to contact us

by phone: (936) 391-8313

by email: 

For Container rental prices, please register with us

  • How do I schedule a Box delivery?
    You can send us your name, email, full address and date you need it. We'll send your invoice by email and once you pay, we can schedule the time and date for delivery and pickup.
  • How soon do I have to book?
    At least 24 hrs to prepare the box and start delivery.
  • Do I have to pay in advance?
    Yes! in order to secure your service date and time. But we accept credit cards.
  • Am I responsible for the box at my driveway?
    Yes, you´re renting the box to storage or moving your stuff and its temporarily in your property. Only you´ll have the lock.
  • How many things I can get in a box?
    The box contents should not exceed the 4,500 pounds of weight or the equivalent of content of 3-4 rooms. The box or unit its for storage only and the customer assumes full responsibility and liability for packing. ​ Do NOT to store: Food or perishable hazardous or environmental harmful Ilegal or stolen objects. Explosive or flammable liquids.
  • What tools do I need to make my moving easier?
    You could use: moving blankets, furniture covers, straps & tie downs, moving dollies, hand trucks, floor protectors, packing supplies & moving straps.
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